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Welcome to the Kids Zone

Hey Kids! Our loveable Cha! Cha! and the Rainforest Cafe Wild Bunch Club® are here to make sure that you have a great time while exploring the rainforest. So take a look around and find out a little more about our jungle friends. We think you'll agree that the rainforest is the place to be!

Meet Cha! Cha!

The adventurous and brave red-eyed tree frog

 Cha! Cha! is a wide eyed adventurer,  curiously brave, and is Ozzie’s friend. Always the practical joker, Cha! Cha! likes to laugh and is a busy show off.

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Meet Ozzie

The wacky yet big-hearted orangutan

A rascal and a clown, Ozzie is big hearted; he’d share his last banana with you! Though he’s forever the optimist, Ozzie sometimes lacks common sense.

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Meet Rio

Independent, agile, and swift macaw

 Rio is truly an adventurous beauty. A wishful dreamer, Rio is free spirited and has a passion for dance - especially the Samba.

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Meet Nile

The crocodile with a large appetite for fun

Nile has a voracious appetite. He loves excitement. Though short tempered with a hard exterior, Nile is realistic. He used to catch poachers and turn them in to justice. He’s calculating and not easily charmed. He’s proud of his gold tooth, which glows in the dark.

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Meet Tuki

Mischievous, curious, candid

Tuki Makeeta the Baby Elephant is amusing and loves peanut butter. Like her size, Tuki has a huge imagination. Tuki Makeeta idolizes Bamba.

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Meet Bamba

The strong but very kind gorilla

The strong silent type, Bamba is a protector. Though direct with words, he is kind and fair.

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Meet Iggy

The iguana is the oldest and wisest of the Bunch

Ever watchful, Iggy is the oldest and wisest of our friends and is therefore nicknamed “Papa Ignacious.” He’s quite the philosopher. Iggy listens to the opera and has delusions of grandeur. Iggy is Maya’s conscience.

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Meet Maya

The fearless jaguar, protector of the rainforest 

Maya is jungle wise and clever; a regal feline. The courageous leader. Living on the edge, Maya is the protector of the rainforest.

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