Welcome to the Wild Bunch Kids Zone

At Rainforest Cafe, we cater to kids. Our loveable Cha! Cha! and the Wild Bunch are here to make sure children of all ages have a great time while exploring the rainforest. So take a look around and find out a little more about our jungle friends. We think you'll agree that the rainforest is the place to be!

Rainforest Cafe Wild Bunch

Meet the whole gang!
Cha! Cha! - The adventurous and brave red-eyed tree frog.
Tuki - The amusing and curious baby elephant.
Nile - The crocodile with a large appetite for fun.
Bamba - The strong but very kind gorilla.
Maya - The fearless jaguar is the protector of the rainforest.
Rio - The swift and musical macaw loves to sing and dance.
Iggy - The iguana is the oldest and wisest of the Bunch.
Ozzie - The wacky yet big-hearted orangutan.